PS4 Slim supports faster wi-fi than current console

ps4 slim box -

The PS4 Slim includes support for faster 5GHz wi-fi, according to someone who managed to get hold of the console ahead of release.

Twitter user @shortmaneighty2 uploaded a picture of the console’s manual over the weekend, confirming that the PS4 Slim includes support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands. The current console only features support for 2.4GHz.

Support for 5GHz should provide faster download and upload speeds to those who have the appropriate network hardware and bandwidth, although it isn’t clear from the manual whether it will be limited to the older ‘N’ wi-fi protocol or newer ‘AC’ band.

PS4 Slim has yet to be officially announced by Sony despite cropping up on Gumtree over a week ago. The console is expected to be announced at next week’s PlayStation Meeting alongside PlayStation 4 Neo.

Source: @shortmaneighty2

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