Play Titanfall 2's second tech test at certain times to unlock exclusive callsign for final game

Titanfall 2 screenshot

Players who play Titanfall 2’s multiplayer tech test between 5pm-6pm BST tomorrow, August 27, or 12am-1am BST on Sunday, August 28 will unlock an exclusive callsign for use in the final game.

The unlock has likely been designed to attract as many people as possible to load up the tech test at a specific time, allowing Respawn to test server load ahead of the game’s launch.

You can check out what it looks like in the image below:

titanfall 2 tech test -

The new tech test has just gone live within the last hour and features some major tweaks over last week’s offering, including faster wall-running and changes to the titan timer.

For the full list head through to Respawn’s post.


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