New Pokemon GO update lets you know which Pokemon can be the very best

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A new update for Pokemon GO is now rolling out worldwide, which introduces Pokemon Appraisal system.

“Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokemon’s attack and defence capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokemon have the most potential for battle,” reads the patch notes for version 0.35.0 on Android and 1.5.0 for iOS.

Essentially this means players can now have a better idea of which Pokemon you should be feeding with Candy and Stardust.

Of course players did have access to similar features via third-party tools, though these were recently shut down by developer Niantic. Thankfully features such as Appraisal and the updated Nearby Pokemon functionality are making Pokemon GO more enjoyable for players.

Expect more updates to come, with the studio stating it is “working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokemon GO”.

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